Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Limestone Quarry Forbes

Main Hazards

The main hazard associated with tyre processing and disposal is fire.

Preemptive Action

A 1000 litre tank with a fire pump and 44,000 litres are water are present on site. All disposed tyres are covered with soil to prevent ignition, access to the site is restricted to employees only.
There is also a loader onsite to assist with cover material if an emergency should occur.

Inventory of pollutants

No chemicals are stored on site and used tyres do not leach any pollutants.
Any fuel for machinery that is onsite is stored in a locked shipping container.

Notification of relevant authorities

1. Emergency call services

Emergency hotline number (24 hours) 000

*The site supervisor should call 000 if an incident arises and presents an immediate threat to human health and/or property and a combat agency is required (eg. Police, Fire, ambulance, etc.) this is in an emergency situation only If it is only a minor incident please notify all other below including NSW Fire and Rescue via numbers below.

2. Forbes Shire Council

Environment and Planning 02 68502300
Mathew Teale Environmental & Planning services 0408514889
Council emergency contact number (after hours) 1300 978 633

3. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

Bathurst Regional Office 02 63327600
Emergency Hotline number (24 hours) 131555

4. NSW Ministry of Health (via public health units)

Bathurst Regional Office 02 63305880

After Hours 0428400526

Forbes Hospital 02 68502000

5. WorkCover NSW

Hotline number 131050

6. Fire and Rescue NSW

Forbes Fire Station 02 68511843

**If there is no immediate threat to human health and/or property i.e. a combat agency is not required the depot supervisor is still required to follow that outlined above except for dialling 000

Community Notification

The premises is located in a semi remote location, the nearby neighbours will be advised by door knock if an incident arises.

Minimising harm to persons on the premises

Any onsite staff will assemble at the front gate in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Action to be taken during or immediately after a pollution incident

All Contacts will be notified, local community will be advised of situation via door knock and information will be relayed to the relevant authorities.

Staff Training

All staff have a copy of this plan and induction onto the site as to the location of the emergency evacuation point.
All staff are trained to operate plant and equipment to assist if the need arises.

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Pollution Incident Flow Chart

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pollution incident flow chart